15th European Congress on Heroin Addiction & Related Clinical Problems

May 20-22, 2022
Pisa, Italy, EU.

MACC (Meeting Art Craft Center)
P.za V. Emanuele II, 5
56125 Pisa, Italy, EU

Organizing Committee

  • Ti.Gi. Congress, Via Udine, 12 - 58100 GROSSETO, Italy - Phone +39 0564412038 Fax +39 0564412485 E-mail: giusi@tigicongress.com
  • AU-CNS, Via XX Settembre, 83 - 55045 PIETRASANTA, LU, Italy - Phone +39 0584790073 Fax +39 058472081 E-mail: info@aucns.org

Download the Updated Programme (May 16, 2022)

Watch the concert given by Ulmer

The 15th European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association (EUROPAD) conference will be held in Pisa, Italy on May 20-22, 2022.

PISA2022EUROPAD Scientific Committee


  • Icro Maremmani (Pisa, Italy)
  • Francesco Lamanna (Pisa, Italy)


  • Maurice Dematteis (Grenoble, France)
  • Andrej Kastelic (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Marc Reisinger (Brussels, Belgium)

Local Scientific Committee

  • Angelo G. I. Maremmani (Viareggio, Italy)
  • Mario Miccoli (Pisa, Italy)
  • Giulio Perugi (Pisa, Italy)

International Scientific Committee

  • Adrian-Octavian Abagiu (Bucarest, Romania)
  • Hannu Alho (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Marc Auriacombe (Bordeaux, France)
  • Alexander Baldacchino (St Andrews, Scotland, UK)
  • Barbara Broers (Geneve, Switzerland)
  • Miguel Casas (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Thomas Clausen (Oslo, Norway)
  • Michael Farrell (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
  • Loretta Finnegan (Satellite Beach, Florida, USA)
  • Gabriele Fischer (Vienna, Austria)
  • Carla Gambarana (Siena, Italy)
  • Gilberto Gerra (UNODC)
  • Edward Jacek Gorzelanczyk (Bydgoszcz, Poland)
  • Milazim Gjocjaj (Pristina,  Kosovo)
  • Liljana Ignjatova (Skopje, Macedonia)
  • Ante Ivancic (Porec, Croatia)
  • Minja Jovanovic (Kragujevac, Serbia)
  • Alexander Kantchelov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Alexander Kozlov (Moscow, Russia)
  • Evgeny Krupitsky (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Mercedes Lovrecic (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Angelo G. I. Maremmani (Viareggio, Italy)
  • Garrett McGovern (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Haim Mell (Jerusalem, Israel)
  • Vladimir Mendelevich (Kazan, Russia)
  • Genci Mucullari (Tirana,  Albania)
  • Lubomir Okruhlica (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
  • Mark Parrino (New York, N.Y., USA)
  • Matteo Pacini (Pisa, Italy)
  • Luis Patricio (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Einat Peles (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Giulio Perugi (Pisa, Italy)
  • Jens Reimer (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Roncero Alonso Carlos (Salamanca, Spain)
  • Lorenzo Somaini (Biella, Italy)
  • Marta Torrens (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Touzeau Didier (Paris, France)
  • Albrecht  Ulmer (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Peter Vossenberg (Deventer, The Netherlands)
  • Stephan Walcher (Munich, Germany)


PISA2022EUROPAD Scientific Committee is happy to provide facilities for Symposia, Free Communications and Poster Presentations.

To submit an abstract for a  Symposium,  Free Communication  or  Poster Presentation  please see details below.

Call for Submissions to Symposium
Symposia have a central theme around which the PISA2022EUROPAD scientific committee has identified topics. The structure of the symposium will take the shape of 3 presentations with 30 minutes per presentation. The length of each symposium is 90 minutes.
Delegates are invited to submit an abstract of a symposium that they feel will ‘fit’ with the suggested themes and topics. The general theme is Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems

Suggested topics are:

  • Policy Making in Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems
  • Essential Decisions, Measuring Outcomes, Improving Care for Heroin Substance Use Disorder Patients
  • Use of Agonist Opioids in Comorbid Psychiatric Patients
  • Use of Antagonist Opioids in Psychiatric Patients
  • Prescription Opioid Management
  • Genetic and Opioid Addiction
  • Behavioural Correlates of Craving for Opioids
  • Psychopathological Patterns in Heroin Addicted Patients
  • Predictors of Outcome in Heroin Addiction
  • Opioid Addiction Mechanisms
  • Comorbidity in Opioid Dependent Patients
  • Recovery/Harm Reduction
  • Combating Stigma
  • Preventing Overdoses and Suicidality of Heroin Addicts
  • Former Heroin Addicted Alcohol Use Patients
  • Polyabuse in Heroin Addicted Patients
  • Agonist Opioid Treatment and Dual Diagnosis
  • Treatment of Infectious Diseases in Heroin Addiction
  • Clinical and Psychological Interventions in Heroin Addiction
  • Agonist Opioid Treatment  
  • Detoxification Modalities
  • New Developments in Heroin Addiction Treatment
  • Reducing Mortality in Heroin Addiction
  • Improving Efficacy, Reducing Risks of Treatment
  • Prescription Opioid Misuse

Your submission will be reviewed by the PISA2022EUROPAD scientific committee and a notification of acceptance will be announced in due course.
In order to submit a proposal for a Symposium presentation please click the button on the right.

General guidelines to submit contribution/s to the Symposium

  • Symposium title and presentations’ titles must be limited to 150 characters
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English
  • The 3 speakers must register as PISA2022EUROPAD delegates. In case of symposium acceptance they will receive free of charge registration to the conference and two-night accommodation.

General Information

  • The first author is responsible for getting agreements from co-authors before submission
  • If the individual submitting these proposals does not receive any confirmation by e-mail please contact the AU-CNS Team on  info@aucns.org; Tel: +39 0584 790073
  • If the submitted abstract is accepted the PISA2022EUROPAD Team will contact you in a timely manner with the date and time of the presentation/s
  • Once the symposium organiser/s has been notified that the submission for a proposed symposium has been successful, the same symposium organiser/s need to submit abstracts of all the proposed presentations in a timely manner as per above using the same template as that for submissions to the free communications and/or posters.
  • After the submission has been accepted for presentation, it will not be possible to make changes to the abstract and/or authorship
  • Upon permission by authors, abstracts may be published by EUROPAD and authors need to check their acceptance for publication of abstract
  • Any submitted abstracts will not be edited or proof-read before printing. The first author is responsible for his/her abstract

Call for Free Communications

Delegates are invited to submit an abstract of a free communication that they feel will ‘fit’ with the suggested themes and topics of the conference. Please note that procedure and general information are the same of the call for symposium.
In order to submit a proposal for a free communication presentation, please click the button on the right.

General guidelines to submit a Free Communication

  • Abstract title must be limited to 150 characters
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English
  • No chart or graphics should be included in the abstract
  • The free communication presenter must register as PISA2022EUROPAD delegate. In case of free communication acceptance he/she will receive free of charge registration to the conference.

Call for Posters

Posters will be displayed during the whole conference. Please keep in mind that:

  • Posters must present research programmes and results. Commercial posters will not be accepted
  • Posters should meet the highest academic standards with respect to both content and form
  • The information contained on the poster should speak for itself
  • The standard poster-size is 60 x 100 cm. Substantial deviations from this model should be discussed with the organization committee

The poster sessions are open to all PISA2022EUROPAD Congress delegates. Posters will be on display throughout the duration of the congress.
In order to submit a proposal for a poster presentation please click the button on the right.

General guidelines to submit a Poster

  • All poster boards will be assigned with a number which corresponds to the Poster Number.
  • Authors are required to mount their posters on the designated board and remove them during the time specified above.
  • Please use push-pins to affix your poster presentation to the board firmly. The Secretariat will provide equipment and items required for affixing the posters.
  • Any poster left after the scheduled removal time will be disposed of by the Secretariat
  • There will be no presentations initiated by a session chair. The main authors should be present in front of their poster panels and be prepared to present them to participants during Discussion Time
  • Authors/Presenters are responsible for disclosing all financial and personal relationships between themselves and others that might be perceived by others as biasing their work, even when there is nothing to disclose. To this effect, in the bottom right corner of your poster panel your brief summary of conflict(s) of interest should be posted.
  • The individuals putting in the submission must register as PISA2022EUROPAD delegates. In case of poster acceptance they will receive 50% reduced registration fees to the conference.

Important Dates:

  • Symposium and Free Communications Deadline: March 1, 2022
  • Posters Submission Deadline: March 10, 2022
  • Notification of Decisions: April 10, 2022
15th European Congress on
Heroin Addiction & Related Clinical Problems

Download the programme in PDF Format (last update 16th May 2022)


For Group Registration please send a request to giusi@tigicongress.com

Accommodation close to the convention center:


Europad 2022 - Concert Ulmer - Pisa