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Call for Submissions to Symposium

Symposia have a central theme around which the WADD2023Portoroz scientific committee has identified topics. The structure of the symposium will take the shape of 3 presentations with 30 minutes per presentation. The length of each symposium is 90 minutes.

Delegates are invited to submit an abstract of a symposium that they feel will ‘fit’ with the suggested themes and topics. The general theme is Dual Disorders: Towards a new paradigm in neuroscience to understand mental health

Suggested topics are:

  • Policy Making in Dual Disorders
  • Early detection in Dual Disorders
  • Hallucinogens and Dual Disorders
  • Immunology and Dual Disorder
  • Cannabis and Dual Disorder
  • Essential Decisions, Measuring Outcomes, Improving Care for Dual Disorder Patients
  • Use of Agonist Opioids in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Use of Antagonist Opioids in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Prescription Opioid Management in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Psychopathological Patterns in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Predictors of Outcome in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Dual Disorder Mechanisms
  • Somatic Comorbidity in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Recovery/Harm Reduction in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Combating Stigma in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Preventing Overdoses and Suicidality of Dual Disorder Patients
  • Polyuse in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Treatment of Infectious Diseases in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Clinical and Psychological Interventions in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Detoxification Modalities in Dual Disorder Patients
  • New Developments in treating Dual Disorder Patients
  • Reducing Mortality in Dual Disorder Patients
  • Improving Efficacy, Reducing Risks of Treatment in Dual Disorder Patients

Your submission will be reviewed by the WADD2023Portoroz scientific committee and a notification of acceptance will be announced in due course. 

In order to submit a proposal for a Symposium presentation please click here

Submission form for a proposal for a Symposium presentation

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Deadline for symposium submission has been extended to February 10th, 2023

General guidelines to submit contribution/s to the Symposium

  • Symposium title and presentations’ titles must be limited to 150 characters
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English
  • One discounted registration will be offered to the presenter

General Information

  • The symposium organiser/s need to submit abstracts of all the proposed presentations using the same template as that for submissions to the free communications and/or posters.
  • The first author is responsible for getting agreements from co-authors before submission
  • If the individual submitting these proposals does not receive any confirmation by e-mail please contact the AU-CNS Team on info@aucns.org; Tel: +39 0584 790073/Fax: +39 0584 72081
  • If the submitted abstracts are accepted the WADD2023Portoroz Team will contact you in a timely manner with the date and time of the presentation/s
  • After the submission has been accepted for presentation, it will not be possible to make changes to the abstract and/or authorship
  • Upon permission by authors, abstracts may be published by EUROPAD and authors need to check their acceptance for publication of abstract
  • Any submitted abstracts will not be edited or proof-read before printing. The first author is responsible for his/her abstract