EUROPAD exists to improve the lives of opiate misusers and their families and to reduce the impact of illicit drug use on society as a whole. The association works to develop opiate addiction treatment in Europe but also aims to make a major contribution to the knowledge of, and attitudes to, addiction treatment worldwide.


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The psychic structure of the Substance Use Disorder

Author: Icro Maremmani
In collaboration with: Angelo G.I. Maremmani and Matteo Pacini

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AATOD Conference - Florida, 2019

Walt Disney
Florida, USA

October 19-23

Out of the Shadows: Managing the Opioid Epidemic through the Continuum of Care

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ISAM 2019 - XXI Meeting of the International Society of Addiction Medicine

New Delhi

November 13-16

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14th European Congress on
Heroin Addiction & Related Clinical Problems

May 29-31, 2020
Grenoble, France.

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